Oils & You

So Many Ways to Use Oils

There are so many ways that oils can help us.  From reclaiming nurturing remedies to homemaking, for young and elderly alike.

Let me show you how you can use doTERRA oils to create a life of health, happiness, Divine connection and financial freedom.

Natural Nurturing Remedies

Let me show you how you can access and use natural plant remedies that so you always have something at hand for your every day wellness, immunity and emotional support for you and your family.

Oils for Every Stage in Your Life

I help and support women so they can incorporate oils into motherhood and beyond. With guidance, oils are safe to use with babies all the way to the elderly.  By creating a calm and motivating environment, we can help our children with their studies so that they can feel uplifted and positive.

Reclaim Your Heritage

I can help you to reconnect to Allah by reclaiming the forgotten wisdom and healing that can be found in plants, trees, fruits and flowers that He has gifted to us.

FACT:  Ibn Sina was the first person to extract the oil from a rose!


Aromas are very impactful. They have a very big impact on our emotions and the way we feel. Let me show you how we can use oils around the home to create a serene homely environment every time you walk through the door.  

I help women to use oils in their homemaking.  As well as being used for cleaning and in cooking, we can create the most beneficial environments in our homes. By have different areas diffusers in the house, we can use create calm in the bedroom and spaces that are invigorating in the day time.

Oils and Spirituality

I show women how they can use oils in the prayer area, using them to connect to the Divine. We can diffuse oils within our prayer rooms so we can focus on our prayer and connect to the truth of Allah, Al-Haqq.  By putting oils on our hands and inhaling them before we pray, we can use them prayerfully, asking Allah for connection, and asking to connect to Him and the Prophet ﷺ.

Try putting oils on to you dhikr beads and inhaling them before you do your dhikr and prayers to give you focus in your prayer. Applying the oils over your heart to open so you can be open to receive and give.

Connect to Al-Haqq

Renowned as one of the most prized and precious essential oils, Frankincense is known as the oil of truth.  Using this oil can help you connect to the Divine Truth - let me show you how!

A Supportive Community

Join me and I will show you how by coming together in support and inspiration, we can create thriving communities and beautiful businesses that centre on helping people with their health and wellbeing. 

Health = Wealth

I help to give women financial freedom to support themselves and their families by working from home.  Get the support you need to cultivate wealth through wellness!